Crystal Garden, Navy Pier Chicago

Crystal Garden, Navy Pier Chicago


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Ann’s Adventures has been doing group travel across Michigan, the United States, and the world for years.  We specialize in making you feel like part of our family, you will feel right at home with us.

We are a family owned MICHIGAN based company. We have always been and remain committed to the economic success of our local economies. Ann’s Adventures focuses on group travel as a way to provide folks an opportunity to travel a planned itinerary with others who enjoy the same destinations.

With our experience, knowledge, and contacts, we have the expertise to create unique interesting and budget-friendly group tours. Each will be planned around cultural, historical, sports or musical themes that you can identify with.

Thank you all for your suggestions and ideas. I am a firm believer that traveling provides social, educational, physical, mental, spiritual and nutritional needs that all of us should experience to enhance our lives. I know you have all enriched my life. Thank-you!

Tulip Festival Holland, Michigan

Tulip Festival Holland, Michigan

We do business DIFFERENTLY.  You will work directly with the owner throughout the entire process.  Ann will listen to your needs to help you book the right group trip for you and your family and friends.

Ann’s Adventures is committed to creating safe, high-quality, affordable tours- and memories to last a lifetime.


Ann’s Thoughts and Comments… 

Please check out the information in the Trip Tips page regarding your ID for traveling both in the country and internationally. As things continue to change, we need to keep aware and be prepared! Let me know if you have questions!
Thanks to all who spread the word about Ann’s Adventures. As this company continues to grow, I am challenged to offer new and exciting trips plus offer return outings to favorite places. This is an amazing adventure for me as I continue to meet new people and go new places!
Thanks to those who volunteer to help with the newsletter! I certainly could not do it without your willingness to help me get it folded, taped and labeled each month! I am truly blessed to have so many dedicated volunteers!