Australian Outback February 2019

Ann’s Adventures has been doing group travel across Michigan, the United States, and the world for eleven plus years.  We specialize in making you feel like part of our family, you will feel right at home with us.

We are a family owned MICHIGAN based company. We have always been and remain committed to the economic success of our local economies. Ann’s Adventures focuses on group travel as a way to provide folks an opportunity to travel a planned itinerary with others who enjoy the same destinations.

With our experience, knowledge, and contacts, we have the expertise to create unique, interesting and budget-friendly group tours. Each will be planned around cultural, historical, sports or musical themes that you can identify with.

Thank you for your suggestions and ideas. I am a firm believer that traveling provides social, educational, physical, mental, spiritual and nutritional needs that all of us should experience to enhance our lives. I know you have all enriched my life. Thank-you!

Hawaii March 2020


We do business DIFFERENTLY.  You will work directly with the owner throughout the entire process.  Ann will listen to your needs to help you book the right group trip for you and your family and friends.

Ann’s Adventures is committed to creating safe, high-quality, affordable tours, and memories to last a lifetime.




Ann’s Thoughts and Comments… 

Please check out the information in the Trip Tips page regarding your ID for traveling both in the country and internationally. As things continue to change, we need to keep aware and be prepared! Let me know if you have questions!

Thanks go to all those who come and help with the monthly newsletter. It takes a lot of people to get these newsletters folded, taped and labeled. I sure could not do it without your help!

Thanks to all of you who continue to spread the word about Ann’s Adventures. Your support has helped to build this company each year. We continue to grow. We now have about 4,000 people in our data base. I am delighted that so many people are enjoying traveling to so many different places. This is an amazing adventure for me as I continue to meet new people and go new places!





                                      “In life, it’s not where you go, but who you travel with.”     ~Charles Schultz





Welcome Spring!
We are looking forward to longer days with plenty of sunshine and warmer weather. It has been an increasingly difficult year as we start to emerge from the pandemic only to venture into days of higher gas prices which absolutely affects our travel plans. I am committed to keeping the already published prices for trips the same and not increasing prices. As we go forward, you may see a slight increase in pricing of new trips due to the fuel surcharge being added onto the bus costs. The good news is that full busses means that cost is divided by many and so it will be manageable for all.

I am thankful to all those who have donated in memory of Chuck Harrold, our long time bus driver. He made a difference in our lives and we made a difference in the lives of the animals in his memory. We have collectively donated just over $600.00.

Covid status still seems to be changing on a weekly basis. As we try to keep ourselves and you updated, things can change overnight. Please always bring a mask with you. Each country and each state seem to have varying guidelines and we are doing our best to stay informed of the protocols. You should also have your vaccine card or a copy with you on all trips.

Some places that we have planned to stay or visit have closed and are not available to us at this time. Alternate arrangements are
being made. Thank you for your understanding.

This issue of Ann’s Adventures is a double issue for April and May since I will be on the Rhine River the last week of April and then in Ireland in May. I will not be able to get an issue typed and mailed between those trips. I will work hard to get the June Issue out early so that any updates on trips can be checked. Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoy the newsletter and look forward to receiving it. I am grateful to those who are able to come in and help with the assembly of the newsletter each month.

Canadian Border Crossings are changing! We no longer need to have a test within 24 hours to enter Canada. We do need to show
proof of vaccine and of course still have our passport or enhanced driver’s license. Canada is still requiring that all who cross the border fill out an informational form on ArriveCan online. Since many of our travelers do not go online on their computers or have trouble printing items, we would like to offer to do that for all our travelers who go on any of our trips to Canada. That way we know you have the form filled out in advance to cross the border. We need you to stop in and let us copy your vaccine card or mail us a copy if that is easier. We will also need a copy of your passport or enhanced driver’s license. See the detailed article on the Travel page or The Trips at a Glance page for more information. If Canada drops this requirement for entry, we will let you know! As of this printing, these are the guidelines. Since we are returning to the USA by land from Canada on several of our trips, we will not need the negative covid test for entry to the USA. If we were flying into the country, we would need the negative Covid test. I do expect things to continue to change throughout the year ahead.

Come along and travel with me! There are so many places for us to see!




Please Note: Due to the constant state of change in our world today, please always come prepared with a mask. It is better to have it and not need it, than to find someplace has changed their policy overnight and it is now needed and you don’t have your mask with you!

Vaccination Card Holders Available
We have holders available for your vaccination cards that won’t fit in your wallets. Ask for one when you are in
the office or on a trip!  There is no charge… advertising for me and card protection for you!

Lanyards:  We have ordered a new supply of lanyards that we have been giving to everyone
on their first overnight trip and asking that they continue to bring them on future trips. It
seems that everyone is happy to use these as it allows them to travel hands free! If yours
has broken, become lost or you would like one for day trip use, the cost is $3.00. They easily
carry your passport, vaccine card, credit card and some cash.


Travel Club Networking Meeting

At our last meeting we talked about starting up the seat rotation again for longer trips. We discussed asking trip
participants to bring refillable water bottles on the trips and earbuds if you plan to listen to your iPhone or iPad so as
not to disturb others.
The next Travel Club Networking Meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 8th, at 2:00 p.m. at the office! All are welcome!
 This is a great chance to meet a potential roommate for an upcoming trip. If you would like, I can
introduce you to others who may also be looking to share a room on a trip. It sure makes the trip more affordable!
Travel Club Networking Meetings are held three times a year to allow people to provide ideas for future trips, meet
with other travelers and get first-hand information about upcoming trips. They are in February, June and October.


Breakfast Club 

The Breakfast Club meets the first Friday of every month at 8:30 a.m. at the Bob Evans in Birch Run. It is a great
opportunity to get together with friends, ask questions of Ann, or make suggestions for future trips. No reservations
are needed, just come and join us! Upcoming dates are May 6, and June 3, 2022.


Romeos!  Calling all men!  Come and join us!

This group of men gather monthly to enjoy lunch, laughter and good conversation. It started many years ago
as the guys’ response to the women’s Red Hat Society! The women have a poem, “When I am an Old Woman, I
Shall Wear Purple!” There is also a poem called “When I am an Old Man, I Shall Wear Plaid!” So, an active group of
guys attended the first meeting and the Romeo’s were officially started. Romeo’s stands for Rowdy Old Men
Eating Out!  No dues, no committees, just eat out every month with other guys to provide input on whatever is of
interest to anyone.
The luncheons will be on Thursday, April 21, at Liberty Diner in Flushing; Thursday, May 19, at Leo’s Coney
Island in Clio on Linden Rd; and Thursday, June 16, at Culver’s in Birch Run. Mark your calendars and plan to join us!


Become a STAR!

I offer a special program for frequent travelers. You can become a “STAR” which stands for Special Travel Adventure Rate!  For only $36.00 per year you can become a STAR! As a result, every trip you sign up for will be $6.00 less in cost.  Therefore,  if you travel at least 6 times in a year,  you will have made your money back and for every trip after that you come out ahead!


TSA – Transportation Security Administration
Acceptable Forms of ID

1 – REAL Michigan Driver’s License –
Deadline Extended Once Again!
Michigan is enacting a federally acceptable form of ID.
This will be in effect by May 3, 2023. The REAL ID will be required for flying within the United States, entry into
certain federal properties, entering nuclear facilities and military bases. The Real ID Michigan Driver’s license has
a star in the upper right hand corner.

2Enhanced Michigan Driver’s License is already compliant and allows entry into the US by land or sea from
Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean without a passport. The Enhanced Michigan Driver’s License has an
American flag on the license just right of your picture. The newer ones also have a star in the upper right hand corner.

3Passport – is acceptable ID for any type of air flight to go anywhere. It is also acceptable for entry into certain
federal facilities and entering nuclear facilities and military bases. It cannot be used as a driver’s license. To fly into
the US from anywhere – including Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean, you must have a passport.
Please check your driver’s license and your passport for their expiration dates.


Going south?…  Going North?…  Please take note!!

The post office does not forward bulk mail. If you want to receive the newsletter and are heading south for any
length of time, please let me know. You have a couple of options. You can receive the newsletter via email – then
you can get it wherever you are. You can call and give me a winter address and let me know how long you will be
gone. Or you can have the newsletter stopped. You can call and resume it in the spring. Newsletters are returned
to me as undeliverable if you have your mail forwarded. This is costly. When a newsletter is returned, we remove
the person from the mailing list until we hear from them. This saves not only postage, but paper and printing costs.
We just ask that you let us know. Thanks for your help!


W…ings for Travel

Preparations for a trip of any duration takes time.  I am encouraging everyone to think about preparing yourselves as well as your clothes, what to pack,  and what should be in your carryon!  Time to spread your wings!

1.  Waking:  Every trip requires an early start.  Begin setting your alarm a little earlier each day a couple weeks before the trip.  Then it won’t be such a shock to your system to suddenly be getting up so early every day.

2.  Walking:  If you not a person who walks regularly,  begin!!  Don’t try and start with a mile or two right away.  Try walking ten minutes a day then 20,  then 30.  It is amazing how much easier the trip will be for you if walking is not a shock to your system.  You will definitely have more fun!

3.  Watering:  Drink more water!  This is good for you even when not traveling.  However,  when we travel it is crucial that you not become dehydrated.  Keeping your body hydrated will help you to be healthier and your system to work more efficiently.

Get your own W…ings ready for travel!  You’ll be glad you did!


Travel Certificates Make Great Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift ?!   Travel Certificates are available in any amount!  They can be used for any Ann’s
Adventures Trip!  There is no expiration date!  Tell your kids you want the gift of Travel !!  These make great gifts for
retirement, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or other special events such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!


Driver Tips

For all day trips, the driver tip is included in the cost of the trip. On overnight trips, we do pass an envelope for the
driver. For overnight trips, it is recommended $2.00 to $3.00 per person per day. The driver is handling your
luggage each time we change hotels.


Money Matters

Payments can be made in cash, checks or money orders.  I can take credit cards however,  there will be a 3% charge added onto the payment if you decide to use a credit card.  Checks should be made out to Ann’s Adventures.  When sending checks,  please write on the memo line what trip the check is for.  It helps me get your payment posted to the right trip more quickly.  If you would like a receipt,  you should include a self addressed stamped envelope.  There will be a $15.00 charge for any checks returned for insufficient funds.


Do I need to send a deposit?

A deposit assures your seat on a trip.  When you call to put your name on the trip list,  that lets me know how many people are interested.  Your deposit (or full payment) assures you of a seat.  Sometimes there are more names on the interest list than there are actual seats available.  When the maximum number of seats with money deposited are full,  the rest becomes the wait list.  The bottom line is…  If you really want to go,  you should put down a deposit.  For day trips,  a $20.00 deposit will hold your seat.  For extended trips,  the deposit amount is listed at the top of the article.  The remaining balance for all trips is due 1 month prior to the trip unless specifically noted.


Can I get a refund?

Refunds will be given only if there is a wait list and I am able to fill your place prior to departure. Partial refunds may be given if I am able to recover the costs of prepaid tickets, meals, etc. Cancellations and no-shows on the day of the trip will not be entitled to a refund. Refund checks are issued AFTER the trip is completed and can take a few months to process.
We often have to wait for refunds to come to us from the hotels, activities, etc, Thank you for understanding.
Refund checks are issued to the person who paid for the trip. If your friend paid for your trip and you cancel, the
refund is sent to the person who signed you up to go. In order for my books to match, the money refunded must
match the person who paid it.


Medical forms

Is your medical form up to date?  A medical form ensures that I can give medical professionals correct
information about your health in the event of a medical emergency. If something happens, they need to know your
birthdate and list of current medications. If you need to update your form, I always carry extra on the trips. You can
ask me for a form or call and I can email one to you. You can always pick one up when you are in the office.


Dietary Restrictions

If you have a special dietary need, I need to know this in advance of the trip. When meals are catered for a
group of 50, caterers plan for the number of meals ordered and often do not have additional options ready on the spot. If you vary from the original menu, there may be an additional charge.


What Is cancellation protection?

Cancellation Protection is a specified amount of money due with your deposit and protects all monies (except the cost of the cancellation protection) in the event of cancelation for any reason,  anytime prior to departure.  It is not insurance but does provide protection for the cost of your trip.

Insurance is available and is included when we go overseas.  Collette Trips include insurance and that would cover much more while we are in another country.


Shirts for sale!

The grey t-shirts say “Not all who wander is lost”  and is on a section of a Michigan map surrounding Clio.  The cost of the grey t-shirt is $12.00 for S, M. There are also polo shirts (with a collar) in red or royal blue.  They are  monogrammed with “Ann’s Adventures” and the cost is $15.00 for the M, L & XL.  The 2XL is $16.00.  (1 left)  Check them out the next time you are in the office !!  A limited number of sizes are available.