Traveling Tips


Luggage on the Ark 🙂       Ark Encounter


For Luggage – Each person can bring 1 checked bag and 1 carryon. Your checked bag will be delivered to your
room. You are responsible for your carryon. If it does not fit above your seat on the bus, you can store it under the
bus but will not have access to it during the day.


When Flying
Anything I don’t need on the plane, I put in my checked luggage. Then, I can move it to the carry-on once I arrive at the hotel. This way I can have things on the bus portion of the trip I don’t need on the plane. An extra carry-on bag in checked luggage also comes in hand for shopping days.

Some items that might come in handy in your carry-on! No liquids over 3 ounces!!!

Slippers  Toothbrush  Medications Binoculars
Wet Ones (hand wipes) or Sanitizer  Book  Chapstick, Lipstick  Hand Lotion
Water Bottle (empty in a sock)  Puzzle Book  Camera Hat
 Glasses, Reading Glasses  Hard Candy, Snacks

Liquids in your carryon must be less than 3 ounces and should be in a zip-lock bag.
Any scissors and or manicure sets must be packed in your stowed luggage.
All snacks and candy should be in their own container and unopened!
Large Zip Loc Bags come in handy to pack damp clothes (such as a swimsuit) so everything in your suitcase doesn’t get wet.


It is important to have comfortable walking shoes. Do not buy new shoes right before the trip. Shoes must be removed when going through security so slip on shoes make it easier

For packing clothes, my suggestion is: Lay out everything you think you need for the entire trip. Then put
half of it away. You will most likely still have more than you need for the trip. Plan to dress in layers. You can add a
layer on the cooler days and shed a layer if it warms up. This trip is completely casual… no dressy clothes are

Ladies! Condense the contents of your purse. Take out anything you will not need on the trip. Take your drivers
license, a major credit card and your medical card. Leave home any store credit cards, (Sears, Penneys). Leave your
checkbook at home. These things take up room in your purse and you won’t need them. Guys! Condense your
wallet! Take only items you may need!

Using a charge card or debit card is becoming more common everywhere we go. Talk to your bank about fees
and what works best for you. Debit cards generally take the money directly out of your checking account but you
need a pin number.

Temperatures can vary. A hat that protects your head and face from the sun and also sunscreen is very important. You may not realize how much sun you are getting until it is too late. A raincoat or water resistant jacket may come in handy. Planning to layer clothing really helps. You can shed a layer during the daytime, then add it again in the evening. You may need a jacket or sweatshirt.

Cell Phones
You may want to check with your individual carrier about whether or not they have cell towers in our travel area. If they don’t, you may just want to leave cell phone at home. If you do take your phone, don’t forget your charger. Please be considerate and refrain from using the cell phone while on the motorcoach. Mute the phone or turn it off when we have a step on guide. There is no Wi-Fi on the coach.

Bath Caddy for the Bus
Many travelers use a plastic bath caddy that suctions onto the window by their seat in the bus to hold their water
containers, magazines, etc. it is a handy item that can be found at any store in the bath section. (Meijer’s, Wal-Mart,
Target, etc.)




Water Bottles…
To save plastic bottles from landing in the landfills, bring a refillable water bottle on the trips. You can keep hydrated and refill your water as needed. There are many varieties and types of bottles. Thanks for helping to recycle and reuse.

Special Equipment
If you will be taking any type of special equipment, please notify Ann ASAP! This includes wheelchair, walker, a breathing machine or any other medical apparatus, or if you have need of a refrigerator for insulin or any other type of medication.

Extension cords ... Packing an extension cord helps if you use a c-pap and there isn’t a plug near your bed in the hotel. Sometimes with today’s technology, there are not enough plugs for all the cell phones, cameras, iPads, etc that need to be charged.

A Traveler’s Secret 
Large Zip Loc Bags come in handy to pack damp clothes so everything in your suitcase doesn’t get wet. I
also use zip loc bags for bottles that may leak such as lotion, shampoo, etc.

Pill cases with days of the week on them can also be used to pack earrings or other small jewelry, safety pins, or other small items.

Small night lights are great for plugging into the bathroom so you know which direction to head if you wake
up in the night!