Frequently Asked Questions


Travel Certificates Make Great Gifts!
Looking for the perfect gift? Travel Certificates are available in any amount! They can be used for any Ann’s
Adventures Trip! There is no expiration date! Tell your kids you want the gift of Travel! These make great gifts for
retirement, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or other special events such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!


Become a STAR!
I offer a special program for frequent travelers.
You can become a “STAR” which stands for Special Travel Adventure Rate! For only $36.00 per year, you can become a STAR! As a result, every trip you sign up for will be $6.00 less in cost. Therefore, if you travel at least 6 times in a year, you will have made your money back and for every trip after that, you come out ahead !


Dietary Restrictions
If you have a special dietary need, I need to know this in advance of the trip. When meals are catered for a group of
50, caterers plan for the number of meals ordered and often do not have additional options ready on the spot. If
you vary from the original menu, there may be an additional charge.


Shirts For Sale!
The grey t-shirt says “Not all who wander are lost” and is on a section of a Michigan map surrounding Clio. The
cost for the grey t-shirt is $12.00 for S, M.
There are also polo shirts (with a collar) in red or royal blue. They are monogrammed with “Ann’s Adventures”
and the cost is $15.00 for the M, L & XL. The 2XL is $16.00. (1 left!)
Check them out next time you are in the office! A limited number of sizes are available!



Miscellaneous Trip Notes
I am frequently asked about making a stop other than in Clio. There is extra cost involved in making the extra stops as well as time. I need to know before I set the price where the departure places will be, so I can determine the best price.
The advantage of having your senior center request trips means that I can plan in advance for a stop at that center. We base the cost on having at least 16 people from that center. The advantage is that if there are not enough people, the trip does not have to be canceled… you can still join the trip in Clio.


Where do the trips depart?
All Day Trips depart from the Clio Kmart parking lot at exit 131 off I-75. It is located on Vienna Rd.
We park at the end closest to the highway.
All Overnight Trips depart from the PNC Bank on the Corner of Clio Rd (Mill St) and
Vienna St in downtown Clio. The address is 107 E Vienna St. Clio MI 48420.
The Clio Police keep an eye on our cars while we are gone.


Do I need to send a deposit?
A deposit assures your seat on a trip. When you call to put your name on a trip list, that lets me know how many people are interested. Your deposit (or full payment) assures you of a seat. Sometimes there are more names on the interest list than there are actual seats available. When the maximum number of seats with money deposited is full, the rest becomes the wait list. The bottom line is… if you really want to go, you should put down a deposit. For day trips, a $20.00 deposit will hold your seat. For extended trips, the deposit amount is listed at the top of the article. The remaining balance for all trips is due 1 month prior to the trip unless specifically noted.


Overnight Trips
Rooming lists for overnight trips need to be sent in a month prior to the trip. I cannot hold rooms if I do not have payment as the hotels will charge me for them. If I release the rooms, it may not be possible to get them back even if there is room on the bus. Special requests for a room need to be submitted with the room list. I cannot make handicap accessible rooms appear at the hotel upon check-in. If you need a room with a walk-in shower, grab bars in the bathroom, 1st floor, near elevator… let me know in advance. One issue we’ve had a few times lately is that hotels make a room “handicap accessible” by removing a bed to give a wheelchair more space to maneuver around. I need to know which is a higher priority… two beds OR handicap accessible


Money Matters
Payments can be made in cash, checks or money orders. I can take credit cards. There will be a 3% charge added to the cost of the trip if you decide to use a credit card. Checks should be made out to Ann’s Adventures. When sending checks, please write on the memo line what trip the check is for.  It helps me get your payment posted to the right trip more quickly. If you would like a receipt, you should include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. There will be a $15.00 charge for any check returned for insufficient funds.


Driver Tips
For all day trips, the driver tip is included in the cost of the trip. On overnight trips, we do pass an envelope for the
driver. For overnight trips, it is recommended $2.00 to $3.00 per person per day. The driver is handling your
luggage each time we change hotels.


Can I get a refund ?
Refunds will be given only if there is a wait list and I am able to fill your place prior to departure. Partial refunds may be given if I am able to recover the costs of prepaid tickets, meals, etc. Cancellations and no-shows on the day of the trip will not be entitled to a refund. Refund checks are issued AFTER the trip is completed and can take a few months to process.
We often have to wait for refunds to come to us from the hotels, activities, etc, Thank you for understanding.
Refund checks are issued to the person who paid for the trip. If your friend paid for your trip and you cancel, the
refund is sent to the person who signed you up to go. In order for my books to match, the money refunded must
match the person who paid it.


Medical Forms
Is your medical form updated? A medical form ensures that I can give medical professionals correct information about your health in the event of a medical emergency. If something happens, they need to know your birth date and list of current medications. If you need to update your form, I always carry extra on the trips. You can ask me for a form or call and I can email one to you. You can always pick one up when you are in the office.


Regarding Trips that fly….
For all trips that include a flight, it is very important that the name on the airline ticket matches the ID you plan to use. I must have the name as it is on the ID and your birthdate. Many people make me a copy of the passport or driver’s license so I can make sure I’ve typed it correctly. Please consider doing this… no one sees them except me. If you do not have access to a copy machine, you are welcome to stop by the office during office hours and I will make a copy for you! It can cost $200.00 to change the name on the ticket if it is wrong.


TSA – Transportation Security Administration
Acceptable Forms of ID

1 – REAL Michigan Driver’s License –
Michigan is enacting a federally acceptable form of ID. This will be in effect by May 7, 2025. The REAL ID will be required for flying within the United States, entry into certain federal properties, entering nuclear facilities and military bases. The Real ID Michigan Driver’s license has a star in the upper right hand corner.

2 – Enhanced Michigan Driver’s License is already compliant and allows entry into the US by land or sea from
Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean without a passport. The Enhanced Michigan Driver’s License has an
American flag on the license just right of your picture. The newer ones also have a star in the upper right hand corner.

3 – Passport – is acceptable ID for any type of air flight to go anywhere. It is also acceptable for entry into certain
federal facilities and entering nuclear facilities and military bases. It cannot be used as a driver’s license. To fly into
the US from anywhere – including Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean, you must have a passport.
Please check your driver’s license and your passport for their expiration dates.


Have A Group? Want to travel?
I can plan trips for groups that have a particular destination in mind or if you need ideas for destinations. Pick-ups can be arranged from your location if you have enough to fill a bus! If your group is too small to fill a bus, perhaps we can promote it and help you fill it or you can join one of our existing trips!
Cancellation Protection is available for $40.00 per person payable with your deposit.


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