Trips At A Glance


Please Note: Due to the constant state of change in our world today, please always come prepared with a mask. It is better
to have it and not need it, than to find someplace has changed their policy overnight and it is now needed and you don’t have
yours with you!

Vaccination Card Holders Available
We have holders available for your vaccination cards that won’t fit in your wallets. Ask for one when you are in
the office or on a trip!  There is no charge… advertising for me and card protection for you!

Lanyards:  We have ordered a new supply of lanyards that we have been giving to everyone
on their first overnight trip and asking that they continue to bring them on future trips. It
seems that everyone is happy to use these as it allows them to travel hands free! If yours
has broken, become lost or you would like one for day trip use, the cost is $3.00. They easily
carry your passport, vaccine card, credit card and some cash.

ArriveCan Form         New Info!
For all trips entering Canada by motorcoach, you need to fill out the ArriveCan Form on their website AND print
the receipt to have with you when we cross the border. You will need your passport or enhanced driver’s license
number, your surname, date of birth and the vaccine card information including the type of vaccine and the dates of
the first and second dose, our Port of entry will be Sarnia and the date and time you will be entering (10:30 a.m. for
all Petrolia Trips). This needs to be done within 72 hours of the trip. You need to upload a copy of your vaccine card.
The website is then go to the upper right corner and enter ArriveCan in the search box. There is no
charge to fill out the form.
If you find this too complicated or do not have a scanner. Bring the information to the office and we will help
you! If they change this requirement, we will let you know.



“Traveling enhances your world by bringing faraway places closer to you. We learn so much about other areas. It is a great way to make new friends.”



Jackson Prison Tour                              April 19,2022                                      $95.00                           Jackson

Jewels of the Rhine River                    April 27–May 7, 2022                   see Travel page     Switzerland-France-Germany-Netherlands

Roaring 20’s                                           May 10, 2022                                        $115.00                         Petrolia, Ontario

The Pin-Up Girls                                   May 11, 2022                                         $75.00                           Meadow Brook

Shades of Ireland                                  May 14 – 23, 2022                               $4128.00                       Ireland

Honky Tonk Angels                             June 1. 2022                                           $80.00                            Turkeyville

Lilac Festival                                        June 2 – 6, 2022                                     $680.00                    Mackinaw City & Mackinac Island

Ain’t To Proud                                       June 7, 2022                                           $110.00                          East Lansing

A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline         June 9, 2022                                        $75.00                            Meadow Brook

Dynamic Duos                                      June 10, 2022                                       $115.00                           Petrolia, Ontario

Authentic Alaska                                   June 13 – 28, 2022                        see Travel page                   Alaska

Bay City Fireworks                                July 2, 2022                                          $35.00                           Bay City

On Golden Pond                                   July 7, 2022                                            $115.00                         Petrolia, Ontario

Lancaster – David                                July 11-14, 2022                                    $580.00                        Pennsylvania

Canadian Rockies                                 July 18 – 25, 2022                               $3899.00                       Canada

Mud Hens Game & Tony Packos       July 27, 2022                                         $65.00                          Toledo, OH

The Odd Couple                                   July 28, 2022                                         $80.00                           Turkeyville

New York City                                       July 31 – August 6, 2022                     $1750.00                       New York

Tiger Night Game                               August 10, 2022                                      $85.00                           Comerica Park Detroit

Mule Drawn Boat Ride                        August 11, 2022                                     $95.00                           Grand Rapids

Divine Women                                     August 12, 2022                                      $115.00                          Petrolia, Ontario

Tiger Day Game                                  September 1, 2022                                  $80.00                           Comerica Park Detroit

Labor Day Bridge Walk                       September 5, 2022                                $58.00                          Mackinac City

Church Basement Ladies #1             September 20, 2022                             $80.00                          Turkeyville

Church Basement Ladies #2             September 21, 2022                             $80.00                           Turkeyville

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling           September 23, 2022                             $115.00                           Petrolia, Ontario

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta             Sept 30 – Oct 5, 2022                           $3080.00                      New Mexico

Daniel O’Donnell                                October 6 – 7, 2022                              $280.00                         Shipshewana

Rails of West Virginia                        Oct 10-14, 2022                                      $1439.00                        West Virginia

Ark Encounter # 1                              October 18 – 29, 2022                           $268.00                        Kentucky

Mackinac Island & Grand Hotel      October 24 – 27, 2022                         $870.00                          Mackinac Island

Ark Encounter # 2                             November 2- 3, 2022                            $268.00                           Kentucky

Still Dreaming of a White Christmas #1      November 10, 2022                $80.00                          Turkeyville

Come From Away                                November 10, 2022                              $115.00                          Grand Rapids

Christmas in Branson                        November 16-22, 2022                         $1140.00                       Missouri

Starbright Christmas # 1                   December 6, 2022                                 $120.00                         Petrolia, Ontario

Starbright Christmas # 2                  December 7, 2022                                 $120.00                         Petrolia, Ontario

Still Dreaming of a White Christmas #2      December 13, 2022                  $80.00                          Turkeyville

Elkhart Christmas Experience         December 15 – 16, 2022                       $285.00                         Indiana


Hawaii Land & Cruise                        March 2 – 15, 2023                           see Travel Page                    Hawaiian Islands

International Tattoo                           April 2023                                                   TBA                                Norfolk, Virginia

Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice               June 11 – 20, 2023                                  $5548.00                         Iceland

Nova Scotia                                         July 27 – Aug 5, 2023                                TBA                                Canada



Plans for some trips in 2023 are still being completed. I just wanted you to know what I am working on and can save the dates
for those that interest you.

I am also working on 2022 trips Young Americans, Missouri Star Quilts (Quilt Town) in August, and a few other destinations.  Keep watching for updates with new information!

Enjoy Spring! It is coming!


Group travel is a great way to make new friends, see new places, have a few laughs with others who also enjoy
making new friends, seeing new places and having a few laughs….