Trip Tips

Acceptable Forms of ID
Michigan is enacting a federally acceptable form of ID in offering a REAL Michigan Driver’s License. This will be in effect by October 1st, 2020. The REAL ID will be required for flying within the United States, entry into certain federal properties, entering nuclear facilities and military bases.
If you have an Enhanced Michigan Driver’s License, it is already compliant and allows entry into the US by land or sea from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean without a passport.
To fly into the US from anywhere – including Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean, you must have a passport.
A passport is acceptable ID for any type of air flight to go anywhere. It is also acceptable for entry into certain federal facilities and entering nuclear facilities and military bases. It cannot be used as a driver’s license.
Please check your driver’s license and your passport for their expiration dates.

Luggage & Luggage Tags…
Stowed Luggage must be 62” linear inches or less and weigh less than 50 lbs. Carry-ons must be less than 9” by 13.5” by 19” inches. Please place the provided luggage tag on your stowed luggage. You should also have an identification tag. Remove all previous tags from previous trips. These may confuse those who handle your luggage. I recommend soft-sided luggage such as a duffel. You can get them on wheels! They are much lighter weight and hold everything you need.

When Flying
Anything I don’t need on the plane, I put in my checked luggage. Then, I can move it to the carry-on once I arrive at the hotel. This way I can have things on the bus portion of the trip I don’t need on the plane. An extra carry-on bag in checked luggage also comes in hand for shopping days.

Some items that might come in handy in your carry-on! No liquids over 3 ounces!!!

Slippers  Toothbrush  Medications Binoculars
Wet Ones (hand wipes) or Sanitizer  Book  Chapstick, Lipstick  Hand Lotion
Water Bottle (empty in a sock)  Puzzle Book  Camera Hat
 Glasses, Reading Glasses  Hard Candy, Snacks

Liquids in your carryon must be less than 3 ounces and should be in a zip-lock bag.
Any scissors and or manicure sets must be packed in your stowed luggage.
All snacks and candy should be in their own container and unopened!
Large Zip Loc Bags come in handy to pack damp clothes (such as a swimsuit) so everything in your suitcase doesn’t get wet.

It is important to have comfortable walking shoes. Do not buy new shoes right before the trip. Shoes must be removed when going through security so slip on shoes make it easier

My suggestion: Lay out everything you think you need for the entire trip. Then put half of it away. You will most likely still have more than you need for the trip. Plan to dress in layers. You can add a layer on the cooler days and shed a layer if it warms up. You may want to include a swimsuit.

Ladies! Condense the contents of your purse. Take out anything you will not need on the trip. Take your drivers license, a major credit card and your medical card. Leave home any store credit cards, (Sears, Pennies). Leave your checkbook at home. These things take up room in your purse and you won’t need them. Guys! Condense your wallet! Take only items you may need!

A credit card may be used for any purchases. It is advisable to notify your credit card company that you are going on a trip and that there may be unusual charges. You can get cash at an ATM machine with your credit or debit card. Check with your bank for any additional fees.

Temperatures can vary. A hat that protects your head and face from the sun and also sunscreen is very important. You may not realize how much sun you are getting until it is too late. A raincoat or water resistant jacket may come in handy.
Planning to layer clothing really helps. You can shed a layer during the daytime, then add it again in the evening. You may need a jacket or sweatshirt.

Cell Phones
You may want to check with your individual carrier about whether or not they have cell towers in our travel area. If they don’t, you may just want to leave cell phone at home. If you do take your phone, don’t forget your charger. There may be fees associated with roaming charges.

Medical Cards
You will find a medical form in your packet. You can give it to me the day of the trip as you get on the bus. Do not pack it in your stowed luggage!

Special Equipment
If you will be taking any type of special equipment, please notify Ann ASAP! This includes wheelchair, walker, a breathing machine or any other medical apparatus, or if you have need of a refrigerator for insulin or any other type of medication.

A Traveler’s Secret 
Zip lock baggies are a Traveler’s best kept secret…. Always pack a few in your luggage… They take up no extra room or weight and come in handy for many things. Perhaps a wet swimsuit, extra snacks that the packaging ripped, a wet shirt that has to be rinsed out, or even a bottle of lotion that cracked…

Take a Nightlight ?!                                                                                                                                                 Taking a nightlight in your luggage is a good idea! Some hotels have one in the bathroom, but many do not. When we change rooms every night, it is helpful to know which direction to head in the middle of the night. So many people do not want to turn on a light and wake their room mate. Plugging a nightlight in the bathroom is a great way to avoid an accident!

Clothing tip…
My suggestion: Lay out everything you think you need for the entire trip. Then put half of it away. You will most likely still have more than you need for the trip. Plan to dress in layers. You can add a layer on the cooler days and shed a layer if it warms up. You may want to include a swimsuit. Pack light. Most people return with items they did not wear at all. This often happens because people buy sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc from where we are and wear them for a couple days.