Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Club Networking Meeting
The next Travel Club Networking Meeting will be held in June at Clio Cast & Crew Theatre at 2220 W Vienna Rd. (next door to the School Bus Garage) All are welcome to attend and contribute to the conversation. I am always anxious to listen to your thoughts about trip destinations and continue to add new day trips each month.
Travel Club Networking Meetings are held three times a year to allow people to provide ideas for future trips, meet with other travelers and get first-hand information about upcoming trips. They are generally held in February, June and October.

Travel Certificates Make Great Gifts!
Tell your kids! Available in any amount! Can be used for any Ann’s Adventures Trip! There is no expiration date! Tell your kids you want the gift of Travel! These make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas!  They also make great retirement gifts!

Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club meets the first Friday of every month at 8:30 a.m. at the Bob Evans in Birch Run. It is a great opportunity to get together with friends, ask questions of Ann, or make suggestions for future trips. Upcoming dates: March 2nd and April 6th. I hope to see you there! Breakfast is on your own.

Romeos – Rowdy Old Men Eating Out!
Join us for lunch and lively discussion at noon. Lunch is ‘on your own’. In the winter months they meet twice each month as follows: Jan 11th at Billy’s Pine Run Inn; Jan 25th at Twins Pizza in Clio; Feb 8th at Bob Evans in Birch Run; Feb 22nd at Bray Rd Diner; Mar 8th at Red’s BBQ on Saginaw in Clio; Mar 22nd at Leo’s in Birch Run.
No reservations needed, just come! Wear your plaid shirt and look for the rowdy guys!

Become a STAR!
I offer a special program for frequent travelers.
You can become a “STAR” which stands for Special Travel Adventure Rate! For only $36.00 per year, you can become a STAR! As a result, every trip you sign up for will be $6.00 less in cost. Therefore, if you travel at least 6 times in a year, you will have made your money back and for every trip after that, you come out ahead.

Shirts For Sale!
The cost for the grey t-shirt is $12.00 for S, M, L & XL. The cost for 2XL is $13.00. The grey t-shirt says “Not all who wander are lost” and is on a section of a Michigan map surrounding Clio.
There are also polo shirts (with a collar) in red or royal blue. They have monogrammed with “Ann’s Adventures” The polo shirts are $15.00 for S M L & XL. The XXL are $16.00. The sale of the shirts help participants feel a part of the group, provide advertising for Ann’s Adventures and will help offset some of the postage and newsletter costs.

Miscellaneous Trip Notes
I am frequently asked about making a stop other than in Clio. There is extra cost involved in making the extra stops as well as time. I need to know before I set the price where the departure places will be, so I can determine the best price.
The advantage of having your senior center request trips means that I can plan in advance for a stop at that center. We base the cost on having at least 16 people from that center. The advantage is that if there are not enough people, the trip does not have to be canceled… you can still join the trip in Clio.

Where do the trips depart?
Day trips leave from the Clio Kmart. We park at the Kmart end closest to I-75.
Overnight trips leave from the PNC Bank in the center of Clio. It is on the corner of Vienna and Mill Street (same as Clio Rd) 107 E Vienna St. The local Police keep an eye on the cars.
If there is a 2nd pick-up location it will be listed in the trip information. Sometimes a trip is requested by a local Senior Center or a Church group and then a stop is made at their location if there are at least 16 participants.

Do I need to send a deposit?
A deposit assures your seat on a trip. When you call to put your name on a trip list, that lets me know how many people are interested. Your deposit (or full payment) assures you of a seat. Sometimes there are more names on the interest list than there are actual seats available. When the maximum number of seats with money deposited are full, the rest becomes the wait list. The bottom line is… if you really want to go, you should put down a deposit.

Overnight Trips
Rooming lists for overnight trips need to be sent in a month prior to the trip. I cannot hold rooms if I do not have payment as the hotels will charge me for them. If I release the rooms, it may not be possible to get them back even if there is room on the bus. Special requests for a room need to be submitted with the room list. I cannot make handicap accessible rooms appear at the hotel upon check-in. If you need a room with a walk-in shower, grab bars in the bathroom, 1st floor, near elevator… let me know in advance. One issue we’ve had a few times lately is that hotels make a room “handicap accessible” by removing a bed to give a wheelchair more space to maneuver around. I need to know which is a higher priority… two beds OR handicap accessible

Money Matters
Payments can be made in cash, checks or money orders. I can take credit cards. There will be a 3% charge added onto the cost of the trip if you decide to use a credit card. Checks should be made out to Ann’s Adventures. You can mail them or drop them at my house. If I am not home, there is a black, locked mailbox on my porch for envelopes. When sending checks, please write on the memo line what trip the check is for or use the form on the back page of this newsletter. It helps me get your payment posted to the right trip more quickly. If you would like a receipt, you should include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and I will send the receipt right away. When paying for a travel companion, please include their name!

Driver Tips
For all day trips, the driver tip is included in the cost of the trip. On overnight trips, we do pass an envelope for the driver.

Can I get a refund if I have to cancel?
Full refunds will be given only if there is a waitlist and I am able to fill your place prior to departure. Partial refunds may be given if I am able to recover the costs of prepaid tickets, meals, etc. Cancellations and no-shows on the day of the trip will not be entitled to a refund. Refund checks are issued after the trip is completed.

Medical Forms
Is your medical form updated? A medical form ensures that I can give medical professionals correct information about your health in the event of a medical emergency. If something happens, they need to know your birth date and list of current medications. If you need to update your form, I always carry extra or can email one to you.

Regarding Trips that fly….
For all trips that include a flight, it is very important that the name on the airline ticket matches the ID you plan to use. I must have the name as it is on the ID and your birthdate. Many people make me a copy of the passport or driver’s license so I can make sure I’ve typed it correctly. Please consider doing this… no one sees them except me. If you do not have access to a copy machine, you are welcome to stop by the office during office hours and I will make a copy for you! It can cost $200.00 to change the name on the ticket if it is wrong.

Snowbirds… take note!
When you are not home, the Post Office does not forward bulk mail. It is returned to me and we remove your name from the mailing list until we get a call from you asking to be put back on the mailing list.
You might consider having your newsletter sent via email. If you choose email, it usually gets to you much faster. I am now sending it in both a word document format and a pdf version. Some people switched back to regular mail because they were having trouble opening it. By sending it two different ways, you can choose which way works best with your computer. Another advantage is that if you travel south in the winter or north in the summer, you can always check it anywhere.
Another option would be to call and give us a winter address to mail the newsletter to you. Or ask us to hold the newsletter until your return in the spring. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Regarding Passports & Enhanced Driver’s License
Passports are available at the Clio Post Office. You need your birth certificate with a raised seal to apply for one. They are good for ten years. The post office can take your picture or you can get a passport photo taken at another location such as Walgreen’s or Rite Aid.
An Enhanced Driver License is good for traveling to Canada, however, they are only good for four years and must be renewed when you renew your driver license. It can be obtained at a Secretary of State Office with your birth certificate. It is good for those who are driving back into the US and is not accepted for airport travel.
I have posted here the latest information from the website regarding passports and enhanced drivers’ license.
“At this time, only a government-issued photo ID is required for domestic air travel. Either a standard or enhanced license or state ID card is acceptable. However, the Transportation and Security Administration may revise its policy to respond to a changing security situation. You should always review the most recent TSA domestic travel requirements before heading to the airport.
If you are flying internationally, even within the Western Hemisphere, you must have a passport (or other valid travel document if not a U.S. citizen). An enhanced card is not acceptable for international air travel.

The link is:,4670,7-127-48296_71056—F,00.html”
This means that flying into or out of Canada requires a passport and driving / riding in a vehicle into or out of Canada an enhanced driver’s license can be used. I hope this clarifies this situation for those who have asked.

Have A Group? Want to travel?
I can plan trips for groups that have a particular destination in mind or if you need ideas for destinations. Pick-ups can be arranged from your location if you have enough to fill a bus! If your group is too small to fill a bus, perhaps we can promote it and help you fill it!


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